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M&A: A Closer Look

October 30, 2017
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GCG Wealth Management, Inc. headquartered in Charlotte, NC has turned other’s negatives into their positive as recent M&A activity for the firm has increased dramatically due to press on the potential sale of LPL Financial, the new Department of Labor fiduciary rule, and Wells Fargo’s recent account opening allegations.

GCG Wealth Management, a well-established, locally owned and operated firm has positioned itself for controlled growth, with a proven strategy and the available capital to acquire and merge select advisors over the next 36 months. GCG has created an exit opportunity for advisors looking to monetize the business they have built and transition into their retirement years. For those advisors still in their prime, GCG offers enhanced solutions, operational support and technology platforms to help them fuel growth within their individual client book.

With recent financial headlines, increases in market volatility, servicing demands of the client, and stricter compliance regulations, the cost and time needed to service current clients and acquire new ones has driven higher than ever. At an age where advisors are helping many of their clients retire, they are facing the reality that a plan is needed for their own future. Many are seeking answers to a succession planning need and are finding few realistic solutions.

Having experience with multiple mergers and acquisitions, GCG understands that transitioning relationships is the key driver to a successful acquisition. Advisors will take comfort knowing that the relationships they have built over the years will be well taken care of within our proven, consistent and proactive model for advice delivery and client experience.

GCG has recognized that the financial advisory business is going through a major evolution and so are the clients we work with. With clients becoming more savvy, sophisticated and time compressed, GCG has created a scalable Personal CFO model to deal with the complexity in our clients lives so they can focus on the bigger picture of their life and wealth goals.

One of the greatest benefits of building a business is the ability to create a schedule that is both flexible and rewarding. GCG wants to help you loosen your grip and focus your time in the areas that you enjoy most.

GCG has a team dedicated to demonstrating the model to those interested and customizing the deal to their needs. Once on board, the execution of our communication, operations and service plans are systematized to ensure a smooth transition.

For those interested in sitting down with GCG’s team to explore a transition opportunity, contact Tyler Kolbenschlag at 704.372.4491 or by email at [email protected].

Company Overview

GCG Wealth Management, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, NC with offices in Asheville & Greensboro, NC, Anderson, Greenville, & Charleston, SC, and Lake Charles, LA. GCG Wealth Management is a full service business, financial, and estate planning firm which makes available products, services and solutions such as: holistic Personal CFO platform, investments, insurance, estate and tax strategies for individuals, small businesses, corporations, and professional practices. Recognizing that the financial environment is ever changing, we are committed to providing industry leading advice and service incorporating todays cutting edge technology. GCG Wealth Management is represented by some of the nation’s most successful and knowledgeable financial professionals.