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The GCG Story

Since our inception, GCG Wealth Management has successfully evolved with the growing needs of our community and clientele. Today, we offer a spectrum of services that are essential to building and managing wealth. Our team of professionals specializes in financial planning, retirement & estate preservation, family wealth counseling, investment strategies, risk-management, business problem solving, group employee benefits, and business advisory services.

GCG Wealth Management has its genesis in the insurance business dating back to the 1970s. Following our expansion and development of a truly comprehensive array of services, our current ownership and management has been congruent since 1994. For over twenty years, our advisors have maintained a high standard of excellence and ethics as they unite their individual experience to help clients achieve their goals.

As a symbol of our firm’s mission, the bonsai tree signifies the stages of life that intertwine to create balance. At GCG Wealth Management, we strive to find the equilibrium in every area of your financial life, through expected milestones or unanticipated events. By way of illustration, the bonsai tree reminds us of our dedication to long-term success and our excitement in joining you on this journey.

A Heritage of Excellence

At GCG Wealth Management, we focus on helping individual clients and small business owners fulfill their financial goals. With representatives in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana, we are dedicated to working with clients across the country. Our advisors begin by listening carefully to your unique situation and objectives. Only when we have gained an intimate understanding of your expectations do we begin to construct a strategy that both manages risk and creates forward-thinking strategies to build wealth. These processes, combined with our years of experience, give us a high level of confidence in our solutions. Together, we strive to forge a strategic partnership based on your best interests to accomplish your most ambitious, yet prudent, goals.

The GCG Lookbooks

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The GCG Advantage

As a fully independent company, we are driven to act solely in your best interests. Free from the pressure of corporate and proprietary products, our advice, analysis, and strategies are always tailored to our clients’ unique situations. At GCG Wealth Management, our knowledge is matched only by our commitment to understanding your objectives and values.

While we have long maintained a family-feel within our culture, GCG Wealth Management continues to seek cutting-edge opportunities for growth. We strive to offer the highest level of client support. Powered by advanced research and state of the art technology, our advisors have access to products and services of numerous insurance and investment carriers.

Our Approach

At GCG Wealth Management, we strive to help individuals and businesses achieve greater financial independence. As an independent and financial planning firm, we focus our over twenty years of experience on providing financial solutions for Investment Management, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate & Legacy Planning, Tax Solutions and more.

To provide the highest standard of care possible, our advisors are dedicated to nurturing long-term partnerships. From answering your questions, to providing an objective perspective and building tailor-made strategies, our team strives to help you identify and achieve your most valued goals.