• A Heritage Of Excellence

    Since 1994, GCG Wealth Management, Inc. has been dedicated to helping individual clients and business owners achieve financial independence. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are a full-service firm with comprehensive investment, insurance, and tax strategies for individual investors and businesses of all sizes.

    GCG Wealth Management was founded on the philosophy of truly understanding both the short and long-term objectives of each client. Before offering recommendations and building tailor-made strategies, our advisors take everything into consideration. Once the client’s current situation is fully understood, we construct strategies to achieve their goals while creating new opportunities to build wealth.

    A football coach doesn’t just put a game plan together for the first quarter and hope the rest of the game works out, nor does a good advisor just put together solutions for the present.” - GCG Wealth Management

    With over $500,000,000 in assets and over $1,000,000,000 of life insurance in force, GCG Wealth Management is well positioned for future growth of our clients and the GCG family.